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Inhome medical care indianapolis

Carmel Couple Thrives
With Help of GRACE AT HOME


Suffering from congestive heart failure, type 2 diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease has left Jim Edwards homebound and struggling to perform everyday activities – rising off the couch, walking 20 steps around the house and getting in and out of vehicles. And the latter poses a major problem when the 75-year-old has to go to the doctor’s office, which is important for someone in his condition


But thanks to GRACE AT HOME Indianapolis, Edwards can stay in the comfort and privacy of his Carmel home and get his medical check-ups and treatments without stepping outdoors. GRACE AT HOME is a medical practice where physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants make house calls to help patients manage their acute and chronic medical problems.


Edwards’ wife, Marilyn, also gets medical home visits for her chronic kidney disease and arthritis. She will now depend on the program more after her recent open-heart surgery.


“I don’t know what we would do without them,” Edwards said of the company. “I attribute my longevity to this. If I didn’t have this the chances are very strong that I’d be living in a long-term care facility. But you always prefer to be home.”


Tammy Crace Browning, managing partner and physician assistant for GRACE AT HOME Indianapolis, visits Edwards every four weeks to monitor his blood sugar levels, breathing abilities, heart health status, wounds and any other issues. But she also sees him in between those appointments when he needs immediate care.


These frequent visits – which are convenient for Edwards – help reduce the severity of his problems and the need for visits to the hospital and emergency room.


“He has so many illnesses that if we don’t stay on top of them, something gets out of sync and he ends up in the hospital,” said Crace Browning, who started the Indianapolis medical service in 2009. “Our goal has been to keep patients at home with less need for ER or hospital visits,” she said.


Prior to hiring GRACE AT HOME a year and a half ago, Edwards was being admitted to the hospital every three to six months. He also had to undergo rehabilitation four times.


Now that Edwards has GRACE AT HOME Indianapolis keeping tabs on him on a regular basis, he has only had to go to the hospital once.


“This is not just for old people,” Edwards said. “It’s for anybody who is having mobility difficulties. If you don’t have mobility, how can you get health care? GRACE AT HOME is a really good service to have in the community.”



“GRACE AT HOME eases a lot of my worries and I know I can depend on them. They are very helpful.”

​​​- Loretta J.​​

“GRACE AT HOME has always been there for me. They are very thorough and always call my medicines in for me. They are always by my side and go that extra mile.”

​- Caroline F.​

“They have always been great to me and my wife. Every time I need to call the office and ask for help with something, I never worry that it won’t get done. We are very pleased with GRACE AT HOME.”

​- Barbara & James B.​

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